Student Change Makers Summit is a leadership upgrading programme that bring a diverse group of young delegates together with distinguished experts, innovators, and leaders in the public, private, and non-profit sectors for a journey of collective exploration, reflection, and networking. SCS aims to Create a common space for inter-generational dialogue and knowledge sharing by exposing local, national, and Global Challenges through effective Leadership training, which enable our participants to make informed decisions about their career, and to foster connections among courageous and compassionate youth and competent leaders.

Structure of the Youth Summit


  • The Summit will open with a plenary session to connect youth representatives and speakers from the the private sector, non-governmental and academia with the objective of engaging views, ideas and debate to rethink the future of community development powered by youth.


  • Attendees will participate in workshops that delve into the Summit’s four subthemes, giving participants an opportunity to share ideas and experience and debate the future of education. The subthemes are : Innovation and Technology in Education, Skills for the New Economy, Gender Equality in Education, Education in Crisis Zones.


  • To raise awareness of social enterprise as a concept among the public at large in the target community, and to encourage members of the community to come up with viable social business ideas – business solutions to real social problems.
  • To give these potential social entrepreneurs the help they require to develop a social business plan that describes how their idea could work.
  • To help successful entrants to access finance and other services required to put their plans into practice.
  • To provide existing business development service (BDS) institutions currently serving the target community with an awareness and understanding of social enterprise, and with appropriate tools to provide BDS support to social enterprises as well as conventional businesses. In doing so, the intention is that these BDS institutions would be granted an opportunity to expand their service offer as well as increase their developmental impact.


The standard registration fee includes:

  • Entry to all conference sessions, workshop, the opening and closing session, gala dinner cruise
  • Transportation services throughout the days of the conference. The built-in cost provides an integrated transport mechanism to ensure the safety and security for all conference delegates.
  • Accommodations and consumption for 3 Nights 4 Days, 2 Lunch, 3 breakfast, 1 Gala and Farewell Dinner, 2 Dinner.
  • Conference kits including Bag, T- Shirt, Blocknote, nametag
  • Education Material
  • Airport-Hotel Shuttle Service
  • International Certificate
  • Insurance
  • Outgoing Preparation Seminar
  • Exclude: Flight Ticket & Visa

Where does my registration fee go?

Delegate registration fees are a fundamental support of the conference from the carpet & lights to the volunteers & awards functions and organizers. We appreciate your support!

Registration Fee

  • OSAKA : Individuals: Rp5.750.000 (US$420) Group (Minimum of 4 people): Rp5.500.000 (US$400)
  • SG Malay : Individuals: Rp3.750.000 (US$275) Group (Minimum of 4 people): Rp3.500.000 (US$250)


March 18th 2018


We are an non-governmental organization of youth based in Indonesia founded on 19th April primarily concerned on youth empowerment and aims to promote awareness among youngsters the importance of their participation in the progress of every nation. We are commited to empower commited and visionary young leaders to contribute together to our nation and environment.

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